Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Room With A View

Location, location, location. In these's all about the view.

 Lovely mountain background. Truly picturesque.

A bit modern for me, but who wouldn't want 
a living room view of Big Ben? Timeless ;)

Nice cottage look with great little garden view. Simple and cozy.

Oui Oui monsieur!  I wonder if the owner of THIS view would
trade apartments with me...

Clean lines with a cozy stone wall and windowed-walls
with views of the trees. I'd like to put the kettle on and watch
a movie on their flat screen.

 I'd like to add some "stuff" to this sparse space, but the view is great!

Not a big fan of this decor, but who can resist the a home
surrounded by the ocean?! I suspect this may be a yacht...

Sleek, modern, floor-to-ceiling windows up in the mountains...
furniture doesn't look to comfy, but certainly a lovely view. 

Again, if I could just get in and cozy it up a bit...
this would be a perfect home with a beautiful view!

I think this little corner office is soft and lovely and inviting...
AND has a great city view to boot. 

Ok, I can't actually SEE the view from this porch room, but I had to include it bc I love the stone fireplace and wood floors.

This may be the very definition of peace.

White and beachy with pale colors and seagrass rug, a fireplace AND the
serene blue ocean in the background. Not too shabby. 

 The furnishings are a bit dull, but still, a cozy lake view.

My fav is the Paris view...which is yours?

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