Friday, October 28, 2016

In the Dark

There's something about dark walls.  Maybe it's the pinch of mystery they add to a room, or maybe it's just October 28th and I'm feeling very Haloweeny.  In any case, color me obsessed with black, dark gray, deep green and almost-black-blue walls. The rooms below simply give me the chills, in the very best way.

Check out these "dark rooms" and the way they ground a room by locking the design in place.  

This living room practically screams for you to hunker down with glass of red, but don't spill it on the couch.  The gray/black wall behind the couch creates a focal point for the room.  Source: 

Could this kitchen BE any lovelier?  Sophisticated and inviting. And, those beams!  Source: 

Urbane Bronze. Sherwin Williams nailed this dark-room stunner. Even the name sounds polished.  This is a color that sometimes looks browny-black and sometimes grayish-black and looks great on doors.  Source:  Pinterest

This bathroom is done in Calke Green, by Farrow and Ball. What a stunning contrast against the white.  I def might have to try this color... Source:

Finally, I bring you fine dining, compliments of Dear Lillie.  This room is so awesome I'm at a loss for words...but, those charcoal Kendall Charcoal (by Benjamin Moore) walls speak volumes all by themselves.  Swoon city. (Hop on over to the very talented Dear Lillie's blog for more information and inspiration.)

Time to make the donuts...errr, leftovers.  Until next time... Happy Halloween and don't be afraid of the dark :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brick House

I love a rustic element in every room. Rooms that incorporate brick or stone can add depth and interest to any room, no matter what the style.   Here are some that I think are done well-

 (of course this one is my know how I feel about chandeliers in a rustic setting)


 (I think I mostly like this one for the great Give Thanks sign...)

Which is YOUR Fav look?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Play it again, Sam...

Below, are some really cute, well-decorated rooms in some really-cute, well-decorated houses. Playhouses, that is.  These homes are part of the HomeAid Organge County's annual fundraiser & live auction, Project Playhouse, which has raised over 5.5 million dollars to help build and maintain housing for homeless families and individuals. I think they do incredible work.  Kudos to the builders and decorators who volunteer their time to make this happen.  If you're in California, please visit the Playhouse Village at the Irvine Spectrum Center beginning October 8th, 2011. 

For more information or to view some of their other playhouses visit

 Which one is your favorite?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Entree Vous S'il Vous Plait

They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Maybe. But, you can always REDECORATE your first impression. Your foyer. The space that greets your guests with a warm hello and gives a sneak peek at the rest of your home. 

Here are some foyers that make great first impressions...

I know, the tree is not in a pot, but I found it an interesting,
if inconvenient, idea.  

I just love all the black and white photos that give
this wall a focal point. 

Small, simple foyer, small, simple idea. Animal print
pillows give it some spice.  

Aren't the lemons mixed with yellow flowers fun?

Nice idea for a more formal foyer. Soft and classy.

It's pink, I know. But it's neat, isn't it? I love an
unexpected look. 

Country gets an update.  Roosters, chandelier and a
rocking chair right smack in the center of the foyer.

Very simple, very brown, but it works.

You can't just leave your woven tote bags on the floor
forever I suppose, but it sure is a neat look. Elegant glass table,
silver flower vase, sparkly chandy, wood chair. Good stuff.

The pictures on the wall at the far end are wonderful.
Love the pop of pink flowers on the foyer table. 

What a neat place to put a desk and chair.  Airy, light.
Dark floors paired with white or cream always win my vote.

If you have a "skinny" entry way, this could be a fun look. 
Neat mix of "stuff."

Elegant stairway and furnishings anchored by earthy,
slightly distressed hardwood floors. Elegance meets farmhouse.

LOVE the dark door and the rectangle light fixture.
A big vase of flowers makes all the difference.

Simple farmhouse minimalist look that is sparse but inviting.

Minimalist, sort-of-farmhouse look that incorporates modern art
and a bench with clean lines and metal legs.
Match made in heaven. 

Aren't these floors kinda great?

Love the rustic little table and baskets. Sweet, homey look. 

A round table and branches are just  or flowers can cure any drab foyer.

Spectacular staircase, great pictures that toss a bit of color into the scene.
Love the wood work and architectural detail. 

Double doors are divine.  The rectangle table is perfect,
and the detail on the legs and edges, make it less boring.
As always, the flowers finish the room. 

And, I saved the best for last...

Yes. Those ARE angel wings hanging on the wall. I think this
homeowner's whimsy is fabulous.