Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let There Be Light Fixtures

My biggest decor dilemma is that I can't decide on just one style. I appreciate many design styles and just adore mixing many styles within one space.  I like contrast, surprise, imperfect symmetry. And, I'm a person who notices light fixtures usually thinks they need some...spice.

So, it's no surprise that I love the way a chandelier looks in a kitchen, even and especially in a non-fancy kitchen.  A shimmering glass chandy hanging above a beat-up old farm table... Yeah, that's the stuff.  

Here are some kitchens that I think wear their light fixtures well...

This black chandy is unexpected and a great contrast to the 
easy blue walls and mod bar stools.

 This kitchen's dark wood island brings elegance together with modern touches of chrome appliances and leather chairs. The chandeliers are a nice touch.

This light fixture is simple, but just perfect for this room and pulls the black trim
from across the room into focus. favorite flowers,
pink peonies, are on the table in the background. Yum.

Country-ish kitch...sparkling chandy. Love it.

Distressed table, chandelier, elegance mixed with rustic. Brilliant. 

I just loved this light, so I had to include it.

This is an example of a very sleek, modern kitchen paired with a glitzy, 
more traditional hanging light. Good stuff. 

I just love how this roostery, traditional, almost English cottage meets French country kitchen looks with this little wrought iron chandelier.
It's the perfect, and not typical choice. 

These chandys are the perfect touch for this white on cream kitchen.
They are not a huge contrast, but so much more interesting than 
the typical hanging light fixtures you see in most kitchens. 

Again, fancy-ish chandelier over a casual, light wood, table. Perfectly matches the white kitchen cabinets and then delivers a little punch over the contrasting table. 

Ok, not chandeliers, but I just loved these lights and I also LOVE when designers put a dark table in the midst of a soothing white space. It's just lovely, isnt it?

 Completely different look. LOVE these lights. They are more modern
or art-deco-ish, against traditional kitchen accents. Nice!

Which, if any, of these kitchens is your favorite?

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  1. What a great blog. I love the ideas that you are showing for kitchens cant wait to see more!