Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black Out

Black bedroom walls have typically been associated with rebellious teens and devil worshipers. But, i'm here to is beautiful.  Black walls, done right, can look clean and crisp and make a room really stand out. Plus, your guests will impressed at your decorating finesse. ;) I think the black-walled rooms below are white hot.

The pale greens and blues in this bedroom soften the walls of this mod room.

Classic style, paired with deep black/brown walls give this room a lift.

An mix of traditional and clean-lined furnishings, medium-tone, rustic wood floors and
little pops of color set against black windowed-walls
make this room airy but super-cozy. 

A rustic but elegant kitchen gets just the punch it needs from
black walls and a black floor. Red accents and natural wood
make a perfect combo. 

I just love this bedroom. Cozy and ecclectic with a great mix of colors.
Black walls anchor the room perfectly.

Big statement bed against black walls and white trim. Soft grays
paired with a wooden bed make this room so inviting.  

Black walls look dramatic behind a white fireplace and the colors in
the chair off-set the brown desk. Lovely.

What a great kitchen. Love the marble and the white traditional
accents. Back/brown walls are the perfect backdrop. 

This is an example of how to do an accent wall in black.
This is a blue/black color that really anchors the wall decor.

Yes! You CAN paint a baby's room black! This modern room
using geometric shapes as the main decor. The black accent wall works
well because it pulls from the black and white curtain.

I adore this room! The blue accent chair is brilliant. 
Pottery Barn-like style (transitional) set to black walls
that secure the room and make it cozy. Rattan
rug lightens the room, as do the white drapes.

Sleek, clean, black bedroom. No teenage angst here.
Hot pink throw is wonderful.

Another of my fav rooms! I LOVE the wide plank, light-colored floors and
traditional desk paired with the dark walls and all the little desk accents. 
The light window shades are airy and breezy. This office is divine. 

  Super modern is not my fav style. But, the wood walls are
a rustic splash against the scandanavian furniture
Cream accents with a touch of orange are well placed.  

What do you think? Would you ever paint a room black?

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